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About Us

Nomadic Pastoral and Relief Foundation (NoPReF) – is an Ethiopian Resident Charity Organization led by Ethiopian Somali professionals and its operational area is in Somali Region state of Ethiopia.

NoPReF-Ethiopia is a Civil Society Organization, an indigenous humanitarian, development organization, non -governmental, non-political, and non-profit making with the quality and strong will of achieving Millennium Development Goals.

Nomadic Pastoral  and  Relief  Foundation  (NoPReF) was registered  legally  at  the  Somali regional ministry  of  Justice  and prosecution Bureau from  2015 as CSO’s, a  not-for-profit  making  and  non-political  organization  in Ethiopia. NoPReF main offices are located at Addis Ababa- Country Office, Jijiga- Regional Coordination office, & Gode- Field of Ethiopia.

Nomadic Pastoral and Relief Foundation (NoPReF) was established in Ethiopian Somali region state in 2015,with the aim to deliver aid in Ethiopia and particularly throughout the Somali regional state with a clear vision of promoting the marginalized and feeble lives of women and children in the close and remote areas of Somali regional state of Ethiopia, who are the articulated theme of the organization in order to make them use of expressing their feelings and standing for  their rights in assertiveness manner, as well as to enhance their livelihood and alleviate their sufferings, by initiating   ideas and working with a conditioned manner and  creating  of  a favorable condition to promote their interests through integrated and harmonized approaches based on the  initial  mandated sectors of interventions that addresses issues of WaSH, Food security and Livelihoods, Education on local and national scale in close collaboration with all stakeholders and collective community action and coordinated efforts of the society as a whole, e.g.  Government Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) engaging the welfare and development for the over said type of communities including, mobilizing the community power so as to overcome them.



Food Security

The programmes developed by NoPReF aim at mitigating the effects of the economic crisis on the vulnerable rural communities, through:-

  • The strengthening of their food production capacities

  • The reduction of their dependency on agricultural inputs

  • The decrease of their vulnerability to climatic hazards

  • And the improvement of their food and nutrition security.

For example, NoPReF implements conservation farming programme, through which sustainable agricultural practices and techniques adapted to dry areas and communal lands are promoted.

Water Sanitation & Hygiene

NoPReF strategic plan 2016-2020 is to implement a number of communities based water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) programmes, which aims at developing local capacities, improving access to safe water & sanitation, and hygiene practices. These are throughout the rural communities, schools & health institutions. Each program is articulated around four main components:

  • Water source rehabilitation/repair/upgrading

  • Latrine construction/rehabilitation

  • Hygiene promotion and diseases’ prevention

  • Local skills development & promotion of community based management  


NoPReF strategic plan 2016-2020 is to improve access to basic education for the girl child through supporting the enrolment and retention of girls missing out of schools in Somali region state of Ethiopia. The program aims at improving capacities in rural communities to effectively respond to issues of girl child education; to reduce the number of girls not attending school in rural communities by supporting 250 girls with logistics to enroll or continue their schooling.

Our Team

               Deputy Director

                 Mr Jama abdi